Kell Brook vs Errol Spence Video Analysis and Prediction

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Kell Brook’s Keys to Success

Quality of Former Opponents

Quality of former opponents 2.gif

Former opponents.gif

The two appreciable names on Kell Brook’s record are Gennady Golovkin and Shawn Porter. Both guys had respectable records before Kell took them on, they are to date the only two elite fighters on either man’s record. The most noteworthy advantage on Brook’s side is the fact that he’s been in fierce battles against elite level competition. All the wisdom gained from those battles may be vitally important should this fight turn into a chess match.

Crafty Jab

Kell Brook has a swift jab, he occasionally carries his lead hand a little low so it can come from outside of an opponent’s peripheral vision. His sturdy jab catches fighters by surprise it also makes them reluctant to attack. In fight’s where Kell Brook has had most success, he’s established the jab early.

swift jab 2.gif

swift jab 3.gif

When the jab is landing consistently Brook excels at linking punches to follow taking full advantage of having a good measure of distance.

work off the jab.gif

work off the jab 3.gif

work off the jab 2.gif

Chocolate Brownie

Brook has the power to hurt any welterweight, the jury is out on whether he hurt GGG or not but for my money if Brook didn’t have a sting in his shots GGG would’ve had far less trouble getting to him.

Brook’s power will only come into play if he takes the fight to Spence, Brook isn’t a great counter puncher so if he chooses to utilise movement over asserting control he’ll find it increasingly hard to land anything hurtful.

The self-proclaimed “chocolate brownie” (Brook’s right hand),

right hand lead 2

must find a home to earn Spence’s respect. Against both GGG & Porter, most of the damage Brook suffered was on the ropes or when he was forced backwards. kell would be smart to learn from his previous experiences and not allow Spence opportunities to attack a stationary target. Brook is without question most effective when controlling or challenging the centre of the ring. Once Brook establishes control it can open doors for him to land multiple power punches.

Brook is without question most effective when controlling or challenging the centre of the ring. Once Brook establishes control it can open doors for him to land multiple power punches.

chocolate brownie.gif

chocolate brownie 2.gif

chocolate brownie 3.gif


Errol Spence’s Keys to Success

Comfortable at Long & Short Range

Some fighters prefer fighting long,

spence multiple ranges 5.gif

spence multiple ranges 6.gif

some prefer fighting up close.

Spence multiple ranges 2.gif

Spence multiple ranges 3.gif

Errol Spence is a rare case due to the fact he’s equally proficient at both. This allow’s Spence to be versatile with his offense and as result, his opponents struggle to find a rhythm.

Body Work

Something that’s neglected in boxing these days is the art of attacking the body. Spence is a fighter that loves changing levels, transitioning from the body to the head effortlessly.

Spence Body work.gif

spence body work 2.gif

spence body work 3.gif

spence body work 4.gif


There are multiple benefits to attacking the body, not only do they count as scoring shots they also compromise an opponent’s endurance. The accumulation of body shots pays dividends late in the fight at which point cardio endurance become’s a major factor. If Kell Brook decides to box on the back foot the bodywork of Spence will be a vital tool to slow Brook down.

Thunderous Power

Spence possess explosive power in both his right hand,

Thunderous power 5.gif

Thunderous power 3

and left hand.

Thunderous punch power.gif

Thunderous punch power 2.gif

Thunderous power 4.gif

When you watch Spence it’s clear to see how well he retains balance. There’s minimal wasted movement, his feet are always planted, ready to throw power from whatever position he finds himself in. Spence generates maximum leverage because of this, resulting in the delivery of concussive punches.



Physical advantages go towards Spence, he has a superior reach to Brook (three inches) slightly taller (half an inch) and looks to me the naturally bigger of the two overall. Kell is more experienced having travelled away to face Porter & gone up two weight divisions to fight a destroyer in GGG.

The fight with GGG earned Brook huge respect within the boxing community however the damage he suffered may be irreparable. In the past orbital bone fractures tend to be an ongoing problem years after the initial break. Miguel Cotto is an example of a fighter targeting an opponent with a previous orbital bone fracture.

Miguel Cotto is the perfect example of a fighter targeting an opponent with a previous orbital bone fracture.


Margarito’s right eye starting swelling early which caused his vision to deteriorate, the fight was stopped in round 10 as a result of the eye closing up.

Before a fighter steps up in levels it’s very difficult to confidently predict whether they’ll thrive or crumble under the pressure. Spence has chosen the hard route to a world title giving up home court advantage & taking a huge step up in class.

The combination of physical advantages, Brook’s last fight, and Spence’s potential has me leaning towards the young American. Something about the way Spence carries himself as well as being technically solid just gives me this feeling he will rise to the occasion.

Errol Spence wins by Tko (Rounds 6-10) #ManDown.


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