GGG vs Jacobs Prediction

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Daniel Jacobs Strengths

Ability to switch stances

Jacobs occasionally switches stances sometimes even mid-combination, this subtle adjustment allows him to land from unexpected angles. When jacobs switches stance at long range his opponent is forced to re-asses the distance between the two fighters. The ability to switch gives Jacobs far more options in terms of punch variation compared to boxers who habitually stick to one stance.

Ability to switch stance 1.gif

Ability to switch stance 2.gif

Ability to switch stance 3.gif

Ability to switch stance 4.gif

Explosive Power

Both men are similar in the fact that they have a high knockout percentage although the way they deliver it is completely different. Danny Jacobs has more of an athletic fighting style, he uses his athleticism to shift body weight quickly, therefore creating power. Fully utilising feet & hip rotation to create maximum force.

Explosive power 1.gif

Explosive power 2.gif

Explosive power 3.gif

Explosive power 4.gif

Explosive power 5.gif

Explosive power 6.gif


Gennady Golovkin Strengths

Abnormal power

GGG has a remarkable ability to create power with minimal fuss, he doesn’t need an exaggerated wind-up & can hurt foes in close spaces. It’s almost as if his gloves are loaded with cement the way his opponents react to getting hit.

power 1.gif

power 2.gif

Power 3.gif

Power 4.gif

Power 5.gif

Heavy jab

Many fighters use the jab as a tool to keep their adversary away or as a gateway to open up space in order to land more productive punches. Gennady due to his unique power can do detrimental damage with his jab, doubling up its use not only as a pathway for other shots but also for positional control.

Heavy Jab 1.gif

Heavy Jab 2.gif

Heavy jab 3.gif

Heavy jab 4.gif

Intense pressure

Perhaps the most mysterious aspect of GGG’s game is his punch output. Rarely do fighters with concussive power have the luxury of being able to throw a high number of punches per round, GGG is an anomaly in that regard. In his last fight, GGG fought Kell Brook who was a welterweight world champion moving up two weight divisions. The general assumption was Brook would be the faster guy who could fight at a higher tempo. At the point in round 5 when Brook’s corner launched the white towel into the ring signalling the end of the fight, GGG had thrown 40 more punches over the course of the contest than the smaller faster man.

pressure 1.gif

pressure 4.gif

pressure 2.gif

pressure 3.gif



Something that is almost never talked about is Golovkin’s age, at 34 he is in the latter stages of his fighting prime. Maybe the performance against Kell brook was just a bad night at the office it could also be a signal that he is in decline. Danny Jacobs has more than enough tools to cause a declining Golovkin problems, possibly even take him out. This fight is Golovkins most dangerous test so far in terms of offensive threat, but it’s Jacobs defensive frailties that sway the most probable outcome towards Golovkin for me. GGG will be patient behind his spearing jab until he has softened up Jacob’s enough for heavier attacks.

Gennady Golovkin to win by TKO between rounds 4 -8.


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