Anthony Joshua putting heavyweight boxing back on the map

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The heavyweight division was once boxing’s glamour weight class that was home to all the biggest stars in the sport, in recent years the lower weight classes have taken prominence. Oscar De La Hoya began the shift of power during the early nineties soon after Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao carried on the momentum at the turn of the century. Ever since the lighter guys have been the one’s in the majority of blockbuster fights earning the multi million dollar paycheck’s.

I have long speculated the lack of a talented American heavyweight is why the interest in heavyweight boxing dwindled resulting in the belts being locked down by the skillful but uninteresting Klitschko brothers for many years. Anthony Joshua has dispelled all my prior speculation, even though America has a heavyweight boxing world champion right now in Deontay Wilder it’s Joshua who is the premiere attraction. He has a deal with US network showtime on top of being a big ppv attraction within the UK. Joshua has the classic heavyweight muscular build, his humility makes him a likeable guy, he has devastating knockout power which makes him entertaining to watch & he’s got that x factor that captures the imagination of the masses.

The heavyweight division finds itself in a state of flux at this very moment, Wladimir Klitschko had been long considered the king holding 3 of the 4 major world title belts since 2011. Klitschko was defeated by the controversial Tyson Fury in 2015 however a rematch clause entitled Klitschko a chance at redemption. Fury pulled out of the rematch through injury, it was rescheduled but Fury encountered some personal issues and was therefore declared medically unfit to compete. With Tyson Fury out of the equation for the time being Anthony Joshua will face Wladimir Klitschko in April, Although Klitschko is coming off a loss as well as a year of inactivity this will be Joshua’s toughest assignment to date. A victory for Joshua will open up the possibility of exciting match ups (Haye,Fury,Wilder) that will surely bring back much needed publicity to the heavyweight division.


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