Three reasons Nate Diaz can beat Conor McGregor at UFC 202

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Conor McGregor maybe the master of the mind games, but no insults or aggressive posturing can cancel out the confidence gained from owning a victory over somebody you are scheduled to fight again. Going into the first fight Mcgregor had the unbeatable aura surrounding him and Diaz will be confident knowing that he was the man to end the golden streak. Not only did he end the magnificent run McGregor was riding Nate managed to finish him, which will no doubt give Diaz the belief that he can do it again should the chance present itself in the rematch.


Many people were surprised McGregor insisted on the rematch being contested at the same weight it was the first time round (170lbs), Diaz was afforded the weight allowance in Mcgregor vs Diaz 1 as he was brought in as a late replacement making a weight cut to 155lbs a difficult task but the McGregor camp were well within their rights to insist this one should take place at the 155lb limit. That stipulation would have forced Diaz to cut weight and minimize the weight advantage on the night of the fight, The main reason the size is a factor is it gives Diaz much more margin for error than a guy naturally the same size as Conor McGregor, At 145lbs anyone McGregor has touched has fallen and fallen fast even fighters with good chins who are known for durability seem to crumble from the power shots of Mcgregor. When a mistake at any time can cost you the whole fight it can limit your own productivity because the consequences of a miscalculation can render five minutes of good work useless. Diaz in the first meeting was able to absorb an insane amount of damage so much damage in fact that McGregor effectively got tired beating up on Diaz, this no doubt surprised McGregor and during their second fight you would assume Diaz can impose his pressure game without the same fear of getting caught a smaller opponent would have.


The Diaz brothers are well known for their endless gas tank which was evident in the first fight, even though he took the fight on short notice Nate Diaz possessed a deeper cardio reserve than McGregor who had the benefit of a whole fight camp to work on his cardio endurance. Nate Diaz will have no problem going five rounds and if we use the first fight as a form guide logic would suggest the fight will go into the last three rounds considering how much punishment Diaz sustained, at which point you would start tipping the odds more favorably towards Diaz the longer the fight goes.


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