Three Reasons Conor McGregor can beat Nate Diaz at UFC 202

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Round one

Round one in the first bout was one sided traffic, Mcgregor landed power shots repeatedly to the head and to the body the only thing he really missed with consistently was the spinning kick he attempted maybe a bit too often considering it wasn’t landing. Up until the momentum changed and McGregor ran out of steam Diaz was having real trouble dealing with the speed and accuracy of McGregor, in the second meeting McGregor will be keen to pick up where he left off before fatigue set in however this time he would hope to sustain the attack for a longer period of time. Not only was McGregor landing at will he was avoiding much of Diaz’s offence which seems to have gone under the radar amid the euphoria of the ending. McGregor has been very vocal since the first fight on the subject of his stand up being superior to Diaz when both men were fresh.

Striking arsenal

Although Nate Diaz is a good boxer his stand up is limited compared to his adversary, rarely will you see him throw kicks or elbows or knees etc with any commitment. What McGregor has up his sleeve is a variety of strikes from all different ranges, he has a variety of techniques both from long range and short range and then there’s the unpredictability of him performing a technique we see very little of or maybe haven’t even seen utilized in the octagon. McGregor is such a student of the game he is constantly improving his skill set, so much so that the McGregor you prepare for may not be the McGregor that turns up on the night.

Competitive desire

In every sport there’s a 1% of athletes that don’t just want to be successful, they don’t just want to earn a living or win a trophy or be a champion, they want to be the best at what they do. Jon Jones, Dominick Cruz & Demetrious Johnson are obvious examples of that and i believe you can put Conor McGregor in that bracket. The fact that McGregor wanted this fight straight away tells you everything you need to know about his fighting spirit, there’s no way he could leave that chapter unfinished because it eats him alive to think about what went down at UFC 196. Not to take anything away from Diaz he is the epitome of a fighter, he’s tough, hes experienced and he’s tested but i don’t think Diaz goes to sleep at night thinking about being the greatest fighter of all time, as long as he gets paid well his legacy isn’t too much of a concern but for McGregor its not one or the other he wants it all equally as much i believe.


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